Sunday, May 18

Week 3 - My wagon has a broken axial

Week 3 - Well this week had a lot that went into it.  There were definitely some trials and tribulations as well as some revelations and changes.  I made some decisions about how I am treating this trial and what I hope to get out of it.

First the broken axial.  My week started with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch on Tuesday.  While most of my outings have been easy to eat healthy and resist temptation, this one wasn't so much.  The meal I ordered was pretty much online, salmon, asparagus, and sweet potato fries (Only option I could find for a side).  Unfortunately the two people I went with decided on potstickers and crab cakes for appetizers.  I had some of both.  I don't think either were too far off line - the wrapper of the potsticker, and some potential breadcrumbs in the crab cake.  Dessert is where the wheels locked up.  They ordered this decadent chocolate cake - it looked awesome and I couldn't resist so I had a few bites.  I only ate about 3 small bites, enough to taste how delicious it was and fill the craving. Then I put the fork down.  I payed for it all the rest of the day.  My stomach felt sick from the sweetness.  Atleast I know precisely what a slip will do!  On top of this I went to Dallas this weekend to see Dave Matthews.  I am proud of how well I did eating.  At lunch I had fajitas - discovering a delicious cilantro, olive oil, and garlic dip.  I did have 3 chips at lunch to try the salsa - the fried grease just sat on the roof of my mouth - yuck! Never tasted that before!!  And today at breakfast I ha a few fried potatoes and a tiny little piece of chipotle cheddar cheeses.  The cheese wasn't that amazing and neither were the potatoes.  A few failures - but in all I don't think it was that terrible.

This leads to my next portion - how I feel about the diet.  I finished the book on Friday - "It Starts with Food".  Now that I know the whole premise behind the diet I feel that I can combine it with what I want.  I wanted something that changed my eating patterns, broke me of overeating and cravings, and helped me get away from all the sweets I ate.  The "diet" (for lack of better term) looks to detox your system and help you figure out what foods cause you distress, as well as my other desires.  While there are questions I have about food issues in my body - I personally don't feel like I need to do an extreme detox to figure out what they are.  From eating clean and getting rid of the processed foods in my life and the sugars and such - whenever I have any I know where the problems are.  I can feel it in my body and the reactions (like with the cake).  I will continue to eat the Whole 30 lifestyle through the 30 days, I think I need too, and I am also going to try and keep this way of eating in my life as much as possible.  I really do feel great - I just miss alcohol and some occasional other types of foods!

So final revelations and changes.  For the first time this week I've had two runs where I don't start feeling like I'm on a carb depletion.  Usually my quads just ache and I can't get them moving - but Saturday and Sunday I did 3 miles and each felt so much better!  I am interested to see if this trend continues - maybe my body is finally learning to burn the fat, or I am learning what to eat before runs (no carbs or fruit that give my muscles that taste energy).  I also feel that my body is tightening up and the fat is starting drift away  -I'm happy for that!  I am also down another 1.5 pounds which makes for a total of about 9 pounds from my heaviest this spring.  So we will see what the next week brings and how I feel.

One bad thing - this weekend has totally made me crave food!  I crave everything today and I'm starving.  Hopefully it is just do to a sporadic eating schedule.

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