Monday, May 12

Week 2 - Whole 30 life

So at the end of week 2 starting week 3.  This was definitely a harder week.  The "fun" of a new diet has worn off and now it is just work to make the different meals and stay on track.  And can we say that eating healthy is sooooo expensive! I'm dropping atleast $40 at the grocery every week!  I had several temptations this week that I think I did fairly good at overcoming.  Definitely was not perfect, but I also know that the life that I live won't allow for perfect.  I have to go out to often for work and I am discovering things I thought were perfect for the diet in fact have additives that aren't on the diet.  So I am sticking to it and trying my hardest, but accepting what I can't fix.

So my biggest temptation of the week was Mother's Day dinner at my favorite pizza place.  At day 13, I knew it was pivotal to stick to my guns and not give in.  It was really tough and as I sat there struggling before we ordered I wondered if I would be able to do it.  I ordered and ate my cobb salad.  Ate a piece of crust from a slice of pizza and one fried mushroom (2 with out the fried batter, because that makes it healthy!).  I failed a little but in the scheme of things I think it was a giant win for me.

As far as body affects, I didn't see any positive gains this week.  My weight stayed the same and I didn't feel like my body felt cleaner or more healthy then before.  I have noticed that I am getting better at stopping when I am full.  I believe what the book is saying that we over eat because the taste shuts down our ability to think logically.  This is a big plus for me because my biggest weight problem comes from over eating.  I am hoping this coming week shows a lot of progress.  It seems like most people see significant changes in week 3.

My next concern is how I will approach eating post 30 days.  I want to stay on this healthy trend (not as strict) and try to eat Paleo maybe 80% of the time.  The problem is my friends are totally put out by my healthy eating, they are planning all this unhealthy eating excursions for as soon as I am done.  They don't seem to understand the idea of a life style change.  Thankfully it is getting easier to find the healthy items on the menu and resist the temptation...for now.

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