Thursday, May 8

First caveman run

Last Sunday I did my first long run caveman style (eating the no carb way).  This run came one week after the marathon so my quads were still a little tired from the race.  During the week my runs at Crossfit had been slow and pained so I didn't have high hopes for the greatest run.  Thankfully the plan had been to run super slow with a group so I wasn't worried about running out of steam, but I was worried about how bad my legs would hurt.

The day before, I went for my higher carb day, having mashed potatoes at lunch and sneaking a molasses muffin mini at dinner.  This was nothing compared to a normal night before carb intake, but I was more worried about what I would eat for breakfast!  I ended up eating some grapes and pistachios.  I also couldn't use normal gatorade or gu, so I hoped that it wouldn't get to hot and I packed craisins to snack on.

The run wasn't too bad, but it also wasn't the best test of endurance since it was slow and we stopped ever 3 miles or so for an extended period of time.  In the end I didn't feel like I was hindered, but I am not sure that is a true test.

On Tuesday I went out for a 3 mile weekday run.  This was a better test of no-carb running.  The first mile was pretty tough.  I felt lethargic and keeping a pace under 10:30 felt impossible.  I felt tired and my legs just wouldn't move.  I kept pushing and trying to hold pace steady hoping it would get better.  After a mile or so, my legs warmed up and my head cleared and the run got better.  By the last mile I was averaging 10 minute pace, slower then normal but it felt a little better. 

I think as I continue to run on this no-carb set up I will get use to how my muscles work without traditional carbs, but I don't think I would ever take on serious marathon training without my carbs!


Ashley said...

Have you actually read the book for the Whole30? It's not supposed to be a no carb diet at all. They talk about how to fuel if you are an athlete (key - lots of sweet potatoes!). Sure, you have to become fat adapted because you aren't eating as many carbs...but you still should be getting a fair amount of them from sweet potatoes, fruits and veggies (keep in mind, any sweeteners and white potatoes are not allowed on the Whole30...which drove me insane. I got SO bored with sweet potatoes).

KT with daisies said...

I am reading the book right now. I am eating sweet potatoes (as many as I can stomach) and eating a lot of veggies, but since I have never done the Paleo thing even it is a huge switch to leave grain carbs. I guess my no-carb should really so no-grain!
The lack of soda and white potatoes is also driving me nuts. My gym is doing the challenge as well and we are allowing a single cheat day a week where we can eat Paleo carbs so I cheat and eat mashed potatoes on those days for a change!

Ashley said...

Haha that weekly cheat day sounds like a genius idea. I'm trying to keep some of the good habits I developed during my "Whole21" but man, do I ever want a diet coke right now!

KT with daisies said...

It's funny - I have no desire for things like pizza and bread and other things I can't have, I want a starbuck, and coke zero, and a cupcake!!!
I probably break more rules then I keep, but i think it is almost impossible not to in today's world - so little is made in the whole 30 fashion, I should start a restaurant or meal service!