Saturday, December 31

Look-back 2011

Well everyone else is writing about the good and the bad of 2011, so I might as well join in.  I've had a lot of ups in 2011, and a few downs to keep me grounded (I guess).
I hit a few big goals in races and running this year.  I started the year at a very windy A2A 1/2 marathon.  I had high expectations of hitting my 2:05 mark for that race as it was known for it's downhill course, unfortunately race day produced 25+mph winds from the South - guess which way the race ran.  So I took my wounded pride and moved onto the OKC 1/2 marathon - on a horrible weather day (raining, 45*, and cold) I had the race of my life, running 2:04:14 with fuel left in the tank.  After 3 attempts to break 2:05 I finally did it.
I spent the summer months ramping up my miles per week for my upcoming training for my 2012 marathon.  While doing this I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot - which I did not actually acknowledge till it was too late to salvage the marathon.  I am really disappointed that it worked out this way, I'm sad that I will not be running my first 26.2 in Hawaii in January, but my time will come.
In September while I was taking a break from the big miles of the summer, I attempted a few 5Ks in hopes of breaking my 2 year old PR record.  My first attempt was a super warm morning that ended in a crash and burn.  Two weeks later, with a sour taste still in my mouth, I went out and ran a 5K for fun, leaving the Garmin at home.  Result, broke my PR by 4 sec without even knowing it.
In August I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and applied for a running team at the local running store.  I was hoping to find some new running friends and expand my social abilities since I'm lacking in that department.  In October I was asked to join Red Coyote Racing team, and I have had a blast since then.  Even though I've only been able to compete in two races (neither in racing form) I've meet several awesome people and have already been given some great opportunities through the group.
Outside of running I took my first trip to Colorado and found my first 14er (Uncomphagre Peak) to hike.  I have also acknowledge some career goals that need some adapting, and I've taken the first steps to making those changes in my life.
I did not succeed in my goal to lose a few extra pounds from my frame, I actually ended the year going backwards and am in a pretty sour place regarding my weight and health at this moment.  This was brought on by a lack of running due to my stress fracture and a lack of self control in the food department.
Speaking of stress fractures however, that is my first broken/ fractured bone I've ever had.  If I was 12 that would be a big deal.
So what will 2012 hold?  What will my goals be for the upcoming year, I guess you will have to stay tuned for a 2012 Hopes and Goals post tomorrow!

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