Tuesday, December 20

Plans for 2012

Well after 6 weeks of no running thanks to stress fracture, I am now on a incredibly limited running schedule - we are taking 1/2 mile per run for a week and only allowed to add a 1/2 mile at a time each week...for 6 weeks.  That means when I head to Hawaii for what should have been my marathon, I will be able to run 3 miles.  So instead of walking 23.2 miles or 10.1 miles, I'm doing the 10K with my friend so we can walk/ run together and enjoy the wonderful beauty of the Maui island.  I'm very bummed, but there is a reason and I will get back on the wagon and will tackle the marathon later!
So now that my first 4 weeks of the year are laid out for me, what to do after that?  I wanted to at least work myself back into running so I am targeting the Dallas Rock 'n Roll 1/2 marathon at the end of March as my "comeback" race.  I probably still won't be running fast, or be able to run the complete race without walking, but I will see what happens while I train.  I am going to do a gradual beginners program that focuses on Xtraining, running 30-45 minutes 2 days a week and one long run on the weekend.  This will keep my mileage below 20mpw like prescribed by doc, but get me back into running shape.
After that, my goal had always been to work on my 5K and 10K speed, so I will continue that. It's much easier to keep mileage down below 25mpw doing shorter races.  I hope to pick up several races this summer (to make up for the lack this winter) in my Red Coyote Racing jersey!  My goal is to break into the 25:00 range on the 5K and the 53:00 range for the 10K, we will see what I can do.
Past that there are so many options.  There is a marathon or two I have my eye on for the end of the year, or maybe I will just stick to the shorter races and pick up a 1/2 marathon at the end of the year and target a full marathon next May (looking at the Colorado Marathon!). 
Only time will tell, but having a plan is the first step to success.  So I will shuffle on, I will continue pedaling and spinning my legs on the elliptical, and I will be back!

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