Saturday, June 19

Sitting on the edge of 30

So many times I sit in a car reading a running magazine thinking the next run I do will be perfect. I'm so inspired by the words on the pages. Inevitably this always happens on a dark time in my running, I go out and fail feeling worse then I did before reading anything. So here I sit again with the same thought in my head. I'm stuffed silly from dinner, contemplating ice cream, and thinking tomorrow I am going to get up and conquer the beast. So the real question is how will I make tomorrow different?
The first thought rushing to my head is that tomorrow will be the last time I run in my 20s. As of Monday I move into a new age bracket in the racing world. And it's a hard bracket. The winner of most races comes from the 30-35 especially if it is a more casual event without college and high school competition. So do I really want my last run as a 20 something to be bad? End up in tears like the last couple of weekend runs? Do I want to head into 30 something thinking I've lost my running swager? No. I want to be strong amd happy. Even if it means a slower pace earlier in the morning to miss the horrid heat of June. I want to come in and feel as strong as I felt crossing the finish swine in cincinnati.
It's all mental. Yes there are physical hurdles- the heat, the early wake up call, etc. But those don't have to throw me off my game. If I can keep a positive attitude then I can win this run and come in with a good experience. Amd a good experience can pull me through some many more tough days to come this summer. So the mental I really need to conquer is that of my own preceived failure. If I can make what I can do given the conditions a success then indeed I will win.

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