Sunday, June 13

Still no luck

So I've been trying.  I've rebalanced my running, going out for shorter runs not forcing that to be my only source of exercise.  However the damn humidity around here is killing me at the moment.  I can make it out for about 3 miles and then everything starts breaking down.  My body will be so hot at this point that I can't cool off.  That forces me to start walking constantly and not being able to keep up running because my legs just give out.  Even though I know its the weather, it starts messing with my mental state and I start walking even when I don't need to.  It's so frustrating not to be able to run as much as I know I can.  I can run 13 miles, but right now I can't run 5!!!!!!  I'm really trying to stay positive about all of this and remember that it will eventually dry out and just be hot.  At that point everything will even out - but I might die before then.

So I have to come up with a way to combat this for now- continue to adapt- until the weather cooperates.  I think limiting runs to 30-40 minutes tops (unless weather allows otherwise) so that I'm coming in about the time I'm hitting overheat period.  If I want to run more then 3.5 a day, I need to run a two a day so that I get it.  This is not ideal but it will have to do for now.  I'll get the miles, it won't be all at once, but that will come back when the weather returns.

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