Saturday, August 7

Tri again

Well it's been a summer so far. Was doing great. Finally had an awesome long run after 4th of July weekend. I was feeling better about running, was a little tired of P90X but was gettingback on the ball. Then bam my back went out not like normal after a race. Really bad. Couldn't move. Couldn't stand up straight. More pain then I've ever been in. It required me to take a break. From Everything. I sat for a week in pain. Getting to the fridge was a workout. I was bummed and depressed. I saw people running and craved it. I let my friends downi wasn't there to motivate working outso they slipped. Second week was better I could walk again and the pain was mostly gone (thanks to a marvelous massage). Still was afraid to run so I went to the pool for a swim. I got out the bike and went for a ride. I did things that required no impact. That's when it hit me. It might be a few weeks before I could run like I wanted too. I was going to need something to keep me on track until I could run(had to be in shape for vacation). So I decided to tri that right. I have joined the triathlon revolution I said I would never do. I was forced to do these activites anywas so why not give it a shot? So I am now riding and swimming 3-4 times a week and I'm settling for 10 mile run weeks for now. I'm playing it smart. I don't want to be hurt come September when I want to train for that 2 hour 1/2 marathon so I'm taking it easy. I'm hoping in the end it pays off. That I'm strong and gain muscles from the cross training. Find new sports to fill time.
One thing is for sure at this time- swimming an hour in the pool sure bets an hour of running in this 100* heat. So tri on!!!

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