Saturday, August 3

Well here we are, approximately at the end of week 1.  As always when you change your eating style - week 1 is by far the worst.  Especially when you are coming off vacation where you over indulged.  This week I struggled with sweets, soda, and carbs on occasion.  I went to the grocery Monday night and got stuff to make healthier dinners all week which really helped.  Will need to make sure I continue this on Sundays from now on.  I did have a few days that I went out - which is really hard to eat a low carb style of meal, so I did the best I could and made sure that other meals that day were healthier.  I did have a cupcake - but that was definitely the worst of the sweets.  I would give myself a B for effort and a solid C+ for eating this week.

Current State of Body:  Well Mother Nature wasn't helping with the bloating this week so that continued through yesterday or so.  Feeling better now.  I did feel better about myself when I didn't overeat and feel miserable though - most meals I felt just full enough which lasted me just fine to the next meal.  My stomach area feels about the same, slightly less bloated - but my upper legs still feel like bricks.  I know this is from muscle gain in my legs, but I would like to even this out some!

What I've Been Eating: Touched on this some in the bad side - but on the good side I've been concentrating on a meat, veggie, and either a second veggie or small serving of carbs for my dinner all week.  Lunches I have been doing my best.  If I end up eating carbs, I will cut out the carb at dinner.  Or I will make sure it is a healthy carb like beans or corn chips as opposed to white flour tortillas or white rice (I ate them all though!)  Tried to get some avocado or olive oil or nuts in meals as well for healthy fats.

Poundage:  So I didn't weigh myself after vacation because come on that is depressing, but at this mornings weigh in, I was down 3# from pre-vacation weight so I was happy to see that!

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