Saturday, May 15

See Spot Run 10K Race

Well I went into this race to have fun. I did the race for the t-shirt, to help the dogs, and to see people with their dogs doing the 5K. Of course my competitive nature took over and I wanted to push as hard as I could. Unfortunately I haven't trained for that over the last 2 weeks, i've taken it easy since Flying Pig, so it was a really hard pace that I couldn't keep.

To start the announcer says race start was moved back 15 minutes so I go walk around. Come back at 10 minutes till start and they are about to shoot the gun! AACCCCK don't do that. anyways, I jump into like and look around - obvious walkers are spread all over the front of the race. Great. As I try to move through the crowd, I politely say to people excuse me and pass through. One group as i'm passing say rudely - "excuse here, where she think she's going?" Ummm you guys are barely running and I want 9:20 splits. whatever.

I catch up to a group running my pace and we go back and forth over the 10K. It was a very hilly course which I wasn't prepared for, but was still strong from pig training so i would push through - usually passing people on the way up, but then would keep pace on the way back down and get passed. We kept this up till about 8K when I hit a wall. I guess my lactic acid just had enough and legs locked up. Walked for about 30 seconds. I hated that, it killed me, but i couldn't go anymore. I probably could have but I've lost the mental edge to push through that. I need to find that edge again.

I ended up with about 59:25 - only a 40 sec PR. I wanted at least a minute, more like 2. But it wasn't a good race. I don't have a racing mind right now. I need to get that back somehow. That needs to be a goal. I need to find a mental edge again.

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