Tuesday, May 4

Eating before the race

So in attempt to remember this in the future, I am going to post what I ate before all my races and how I felt on race day. Hopefully this will help me figure out my best eating plan. Every once in awhile I might post plates from the days before long runs if I find something that works well.
Since I was out of town, I went to Olive Garden the night before the race. I had minestrone soup for an appetizer with a bread stick, and wheat linguini with meat sauce and another bread stick for the main course. I was comfortably full afterwards. We ate around 6pm.
The rest of the day I had half a turkey sandwich on a kaiser roll and kettle chips for lunch. I had a big breakfast because we went to a special brunch so I had eggs, bacon, quiche, strawberries and two small cinnamon rolls.

Race day...how did I feel? Fuel wise I think I did good. Pre-race I had 1/2 bagel with peanut butter 2 hours before and a luna lemon zest 15 minutes before. Miles 1-5 I felt great. No problem with fatigue. At mile 5 I pushed it too hard up a hill and my legs felt tired but i took a gel and moved on. Took another gel at 10 but my legs didn't feel too bad. I definitely did not hit a wall where I felt like I had no energy like I did in Dallas.

My biggest thing to remember is that I can't think diet in the few days before a race. I have to think how am I fueling my body. This is hard for me, but in the end it resulted in a faster race time and a much better feeling in the end.

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