Thursday, October 9


Hey there everyone, it's me again, Jenga. My mom and I went running yesterday. I'm not great at this sport yet, but she keeps telling me that I have big paws to fill when it comes to the running partner job. I am just so interested in everything that goes on around me, the kids playing, other dogs barking, trying to pick up pinecones that I just can't focus on running! I only can go about 2-3 miles right now but mom says as i get older and it gets colder that i will be able to do better...whatever! So anyways, that's what is new in my doggie world now...besides the fact that mom still won't let me chew on the sofa!!!!

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Marcia said...

But Jenga, you are a Huskie. It should be in your blood to run! Has your mom not taught you about your sled relatives up North yet? Young puppy, you have so much to learn. Don't worry... your mommy will take good care of you and teach you all you need to know about life. Make sure you listen to her, especially when it comes to things like chewing on the couch!