Tuesday, October 21

The great escape

So I got bored in the backyard the other day...so boomer and I decided that we were going to dig underneath the fence and see what else there was to do outside. I'm not sure when i escaped, but I think i was gone for awhile because I was exhausted when I got home later that night. I didn't go very far when I was out cause I was a little scared, and hungry - if i went to far I might not get dinner! Mommies neighbor saw me out running around and when she yelled at me I came running to her and she put me in her backyard (no fun!). Boomer joined me a little later. I think mommy was somewhere between scared and mad at me... sorry mom! anyways, i don't think i'm going to do that again for awhile...It's just not as much fun as Houdini made it out to be!!!

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