Monday, September 21

Countdown to Spirit

Well here I am 13 days from my next 1/2 marathon. Haven't said anything since the last race skits about time to step it up.
Starting off Jenga wants to say a few words: awwwwwoooooo! Okay so that really says: mom has gotten back to taking me on runs. Lost alot over the long summer and a mile is really hard. I know mom gets really aggregated with me cause I slow down so much and poop out before she can finish a lap, but I really do have fun going. I hope she knows that I will get better as it gets cooler. I want to be a running pup! Even if I don't like putting on my running harness!

Now onto training report. I am once again going after the golden 2:15:00 mark. I felt really good before the last race, but I learned a valuable lesson about not using too much energy in the first 6 miles of the race. No matter how I feel at the gun, I have to hang back for a few miles and conserve. The other problem with the last race was the weather. Training for the April race was mostly don't in 30-50 degree conditions. On race day it was close to 75 humid and super windy. Became one of those conditions where plan B comes into play. I'm hoping for good conditions this time.
My last race sim run was great on Saturday. Did 4 miles at a race pace. Pulled back some for 6 miles, then did some fartlek striders for the last mile. Tonight I just did a run without looking at my watch the whole time and had a 9:54 pace. Close to fastest time ever for just an easy non structured run. So hopefully the cooler weather mixed with crazy heat training will pay off huge in two weeks. Only time will tell though. If I can pass this hurdle I feel like I could really achieve so much more. I fell held back because I don't live up to my timing for shorter races in the 1/2.
I'll check back in post race and hopefully have great news!!!

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