Tuesday, April 21

She's trying to kill me!

So my mom is this crazy runner person who races. And for some reason she thinks that I can run forever like here. She just doesn't understand that i'm a little puppy that plays and sleeps all day! We started out on a nice jog on campus and it just kept going and going. My poor puppy pads were exhausted and I couldn't move my legs anymore. Mom got mad at me for quiting, which i felt really bad about, and dropped me with S who was walking ramps at the stadium. I stayed with S till mom got back and we walked up and down the ramps...down is tons of fun!!!! Mom came back and apologized for getting mad at me and I licked her face. We agreed that after the race she would start me out slowly, especially since it is hot out, and I would be a better running partner through practice.
I really loved going on the walk though! I love walks....

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